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The benefits of boiler servicing

All domestic gas boilers require an annual service and safety inspection carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Regular boiler servicing is very important as it ensures the boiler is working safely and to the specifications designed by the boiler manufacturer. This will help save you money on expensive fuel bills and reduce the risk of the boiler breaking down when you need it most.

We carry out boiler servicing to all makes and models of boiler manufacturers. With a prompt, reliable service at all times.

All boilers need to be serviced, by a gas safe registered engineer, every 12 months to make sure they running correctly and efficiently to ensure they are not using too much gas.


All manufacturers insist that their boilers are serviced in line with their guidelines to validate their warranties. In addition, many insurance companies make servicing a required part of their terms and conditions.


So it makes good financial sense to have your boiler serviced annually.

No need to worry about your service date. All our customers are contacted annually with a reminder when their service is due.

Fixed price boiler servicing

Normal gas boiler (heats a hot water cylinder and radiators) - From £45

Combi boiler - From £50

Back boiler (behind a gas fire) - From £75

Gas fire - From £45

Oil Boiler  From £75

Typical servicing costs:

All makes and models worked on

No matter what make or model of boiler you have The Boiler Man at Heatech South West can help.


To arrange a visit from one of our engineers for boiler maintenance, repairs or servicing, simply give us a call today.

When your boiler is commissioned a strict checklist is followed and tested so we can fill out the boiler passport. Checks include:

     Boiler efficiency

     CO2 concentration

     CO concentration

     Flue gas temperature

     Smoke number

What is checked when commissioning

Clean the combustion chamber and burner, to ensure clean burning and reduce the chance of CARBON MONOXIDE.

Check the burner pressures, to ensure your boiler does not burn too much gas - this reduces your fuel bills.

Check the gas working pressure, to ensure your boiler's output is at optimum.

Check the hot water and central heating thermostats and controls to reduce fuel bills

Check the fuse rating in the isolation switch to prevent electrical damage to inside electrical components.

Check the condition of your expansion vessel, to prevent your system losing pressure - so you don't have to constantly fill your system, which could lead to corrosion of the radiators.

Check for gas leaks, to ensure the gas installation is safe. If necessary gas-rate your appliance. This ensures the appliance is using the CORRECT amount gas per hour as per the manufacturer's settings. If you have NOT had your boiler serviced for years, you could be paying your gas suppler TOO MUCH. This is especially important with the rising costs of gas bills.

What is included in our boiler service

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